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LAN-Explorer is a utility that scans your LAN and detects devices and shares
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LAN-Explorer is a utility that scans your LAN and detects devices and shares. The first time you launch the application, it scans your network and attempts to find any computers on your home network along with any network shares. In theory, LAN-Explorer can detect any device connected to your LAN, along with files and folders that are shared, printers, scanners, IP cameras, etc. When the application does find something, it will show some basic information about it, like IP address of the host, workgroup, and response time.

Networking isn't an easy subject. And in my testing, LAN-Explorer did find some of the computers on my network, but it wasn't able to find them all or find all the available shares for that matter. I guess the success of your scans depends on how well your network is designed and how well it normally operates. In my case, I am taking it my network isn't very good.

The application has a nice interface, which is clean and to the point. You can double-click on devices found to list all the shares and even move files around or create new folders. LAN-Explorer maintains that it can detect devices regardless of what protocol they use to communicate (IPX, TCP/IP, etc.).

José Fernández
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  • Clean interface
  • Tabbed environment for moving files


  • In my case, it didn't find all the devices that I could see using standard tools
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